Ballistic penetration testing is in accordance with H.P. White Ballistic Laboratory Inc.'s Quality Control Standards .

Quality Statement: We record and maintain full armor material traceability. All testing of armor plate, transparencies and composites is conducted in accordance with the highest quality control standards. Tests are performed at a range of 5 metres, using factory ammunition that has been weighed prior to firing to ensure that it meets the required norms. The bullet is fired electronically through a military quality barrel with the projectile then passing through a chronograph beam to ensure that it meets the requirements of the ballistic testing standards. The armor-testing samples are maintained at an ambient temperature for 24 hours prior to testing. Samples are removed from each mill lot of armor plate prior to installation on a client's vehicle and are tested in accordance with the established norms. Upon satisfactory testing, a Certificate of Quality is issued for each sheet.

armored transparencies are purchased from various leading glass manufacturers. All glass meets various ballistic levels and is certified according to H.P. White's Quality Control Standards. Glass intended for a client's vehicle is inspected upon receipt and is compared to the test samples for confirmation of both lay-up and the optical zebra test. This inspection ensures the optical clarity of the glass. After confirmation of conformity, the client's glass is certified that it meets the required quality control standards.

Most armored vehicle manufacturers claim that they only use certified armoring materials. Whilst this is commendable, unfortunately, it is just not good enough. Manufacturers of armored vehicles should undertake testing in accordance with a quality-testing procedure similar to H.P. White's .


Standard and additional features included in the KNIGT XV's armoring package:

Transparent armor: The ballistic glass used in the KNIGHT XV is manufactured only by the leading manufacturers of ballistic transparencies. Our team of designers and engineers work closely with the manufacturers of ballistic transparencies to ensure that the glass module meets the protection and tint level required. In addition, we ensure that the glass meets the requirements of our overlap armoring technique when it is combined with the installation of the opaque armor.

Opaque armor: Only the highest quality high strength steel, ballistic aluminium, composites, aramid and ceramics are used in the manufacturing of the KNIGHT XV's opaque armor, to meet or exceed established norms.

Firewall (wall between engine and passenger compartment): The KNIGHT XV armor offers protected firewall where necessary.

Doors: Due to the added weight of the transparent and opaque armor in doors, the door hinges are reinforced using a proprietary system to completely avoid hinge failure and prevent sheet metal fatigue around the hinge system.

All of the armoring materials used on our KNIGHT XV vehicle have been certified by H.P. White Laboratory, Inc. (a highly regarded US independent ballistics testing laboratory).

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